Angel Simeonov with Oscar for "Contribution to spiritual development 2019"

Angel Simeonov with Oscar for "Contribution to spiritual development 2019"

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The most successful companies from the Black Sea region were honored at an official ceremony at the luxury ANEL Art Complex in Sozopol. Ministers and MPs handed over 22 gold statuettes to prize winners.

The poet and collector Angel Simeonov received the prize for Contribution to Spiritual Development 2019. He congratulated the attendees on the welcome to the ANEL boutique art complex and shared:
"We are located in one of the most picturesque places on our Black Sea coast. The Kolokita area - a natural phenomenon with dozens of fjords. We are in a place sacred, magnetic, poetic - a place kissed by God - the majestic cape of Christ. All the elements meet here. Here again I began to write poetry. I have written many books and dozens of my poems have become lyrics sung by famous artists. " The audience also heard the poet's author's poem  "Cape Christ".

"Cape Christ". 

The sea slept in the blue silence.
Fishing boat pick up nets.
And the time has stopped in the night,
which retracts under one wing
and people and fates,
dreams born under the stars.
And only the wind whispers,
breathless, its moon song,
before it got tired
and put it out near the rocks.

In lonely darkness the shore falls asleep,
sinks in blue silence -
love, and pain and destinies
gathered in one, in one dream:
This bright moment to continue,
to shine the stars here forever
and the wind will flutter softly,
to sing its a gentle song
on this coast, on this nose,
formerly called "Christ."

"I started construction of the village in the far 2006. In the basics I built my heart and my dreams in the chimneys. Since then, I have been collecting this unique sculptural exhibition for our country, made up of famous works by the most distinguished creators of fine arts and our spiritual culture. The complex exhibits paintings of large, famous marinists, old masters, painters of the talented generation of the 60s and 80s of the last century and contemporary artists.
So ANEL, as mentioned, is the only hotel complex - Museum of Fine Arts in the World.
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
We are sending one uneasy tourist season and preparing for the next one. I wish all of you cheerfulness, health and good financial results in our difficult and ungrateful tourist industry. "

You can read more about the poet and collector Angel Simeonov at:

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